Let’s Engage in Discipleship Through Learning, Fellowship, and Applying Scripture to Contemporary Issues

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providing practical discussions on contemporary issues impacting families

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Dr. Stafford and Dr. Bednar have a lot to say about current topics affecting women

Counseling Services

Sometimes the listening ear of an experienced counselor is exactly what is needed

Misson Statement

To explore contemporary issues within a Biblical framework

Purpose Statement

To engage in discipleship through learning, fellowship, and applying Scripture to contemporary issues

Vision Statement

To empower women within God’s kingdom

What Is Women In Discipleship?

At it’s heart, a disciple is a follower. This implies there is one worth following.  Jesus taught as much by his dynamic example as by just words alone.  Dr. Bednar and Dr. Stafford have engaging real-life experiences that will help women relate to the kind of life to which God calls us.

What We Believe

We, cofounders of Women in Discipleship, affirm and believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God…

What does a Women in Discipleship Event Look Like?

A Women in Discipleship event engages women in discipleship through learning, fellowship, and applying Scripture in creative ways to contemporary issues.

1. Dr Bednar - Leadership Cultivation
Working with those who are raising, leading, training, and mentoring others — Dr. Bednar’s guiding scripture is 1 Peter 5:1-5. In this passage Peter is giving instructions on how to remain committed to Christianity despite their neighbor’s attempt to cajole them back into unchristian behaviors. Dr. Bednar focuses on the role of the mentor. Her speaking points explore a biblical understanding of practical issues and within this role, she provides discussion on these issues from a mentoring perspective.
2. Dr Stafford - Wisdom for Daily Living
Dr. Stafford teaches women by providing discussion and practical examples that both educate and encourage them to follow biblical guidance in their daily lives. Her guiding scripture is 2 Timothy 3:16. Dr. Stafford chose this teaching of the Apostle Paul as he continued to encourage the ministry of Timothy.
3. A Unique Perspective Across All Topics
Drs. Bednar and Stafford have a unique and collective knowledge base that enables them to speak on various issues including family matters, teen pregnancy, substance abuse and addiction issues, parenting, family crisis, trauma, divorce, single parenting, disability, mental health issues, and aging and adult populations.
4. Learning Events — for Women
Women attending events with Drs. Bednar and Stafford are provided with engaging commentary, teaching, and illustrations that empower women through the process of discipleship. With the hope of deepening the women’s relationship with Jesus.
5. Creative Engagements
Dr. Stafford’s teaching ministry includes various forms of performance art, kinetic learning exercises, and engaging examples.

Dr. Elaine Bednar

Dr. Bednar was an overseer of the Doctor of Ministry program at South University, and is a former Chaplain at Ashland Theological Seminary

She has had many roles in her career, from a clinical counselor and licensed chemical dependency counselor, to pastoral counselor, mentor, leader, teacher, preacher, and more.

She looks forward to engaging with women at Women In Discipleship events

Dr. Bectoria Stafford

Dr. Stafford has enjoyed a convergence of professional and ministry work experience through domestic and international social work. She has served in the capacity of a special needs foster parent, a social work practitioner, a children’s rights activist, a women’s rights advocate, and has served on boards and within working roles of various humanitarian, non-profit, and mission organizations on a global scale.


“I am extremely privileged and blessed to have had the experience to know Dr. Bednar. “

“Dr. Bednar exhibited an exhilarating effort to encourage and motivate me to ‘dig deeper’. This effort positioned me for success.”

“Elaine has been an exceptional mentor. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities I have tried to duplicate. “

“Just sitting and listening to her [Dr. Stafford] talk about her family and struggles, you know that God is working through her to minister to others.”

“You can see the light shining in Dr. Stafford’s eyes whenever she is talking.”

“She is the type of person who can’t learn enough about her heavenly father.”

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