Our Journey

How this ministry started

An Introduction to Women In Discipleship

Welcome! Women in Discipleship is a new teaching ministry devoted to empowering women in God’s kingdom

Our Journey

Let us share the journey that has led us to create Women in Discipleship.

Through a series of events, the campus on which Dr. Bednar worked, and where Dr. Stafford took classes, was closed. Many people lost their jobs and many students lost their community as they were moved to online classes. Independently, Drs. Bednar and Stafford were praying for direction.

Dr. Stafford had been researching and writing on contemporary issues and how to address those issues with Scripture. Dr. Stafford approached Dr. Bednar to discuss a vision she was given. They discovered while they had not been given the same vision, the vision that each had received contained the same content and direction. They decided to pray for guidance and asked others to join in prayer with them and to share their discernment and confirmation.

The Co-Founders

Dr. Elaine Bednar DMIN, LPCC-S, LCDC III

 is also the founder of Dr. Bednar Counseling, LLC. Her education includes Doctor of Ministry degree from Ashland Theological Seminary. MA in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary, and BA from The Ohio State University, with distinction in Psychology. She is a licensed professional clinical counselor and a licensed chemical dependency counselor.

Dr. Bectoria Stafford MSW

is also the founder of Dr. Bectoria Stafford, LLC. Her education includes Doctor of Ministry degree from South University, MSW: Eastern Washington University School of Social Work, and a BA: University of Washington, with distinction in Psychology. She is a licensed social worker.

Praying for Vision

Weekly prayer meetings continued in order to discern God’s plan. In May 2019, Women in Discipleship, LLC became a legal entity. On August 5, 2019, we held the initial website meeting. The vision had now become an action. On September 7, 2019 social media was launched.

Join in our podcast as we explain who we are, what we do, and why we are qualified. Join us in our blogs as we discuss the issues laid upon our hearts. Dr. Bednar’s first blogs are on discipleship, mentoring, 1 Peter 5, and leadership. Dr. Stafford’s first blogs are on addiction, Christian beliefs, and a letter to the single mom.

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